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‘Providing Security for Security’

View the exclusive and bespoke packages that have been selectively chosen and available to all SPSC members.

Who are the SPSC?


The SPSC is a non-profit organisation that has been set up to improve, support and up-skill the current security industry. Our leadership team have worked in the security industry for over 30 years and have seen first hand the decline, lack of support and ever growing divide between security operatives, law enforcement and the general public.

We know that security operatives have an extremely hard job to protect ourselves and our families, not just on nights out and events, but throughout everyday life with the ever increasing concern of terror threats shown through all forms of media. This is the fundamental reason why the SPSC was formed as security affects us all.

As well as offering training courses to up-skill all our members, many of which are funded, we also set out to help protect our members by offering optional unique, bespoke packages through our carefully selected support networks, including; income protection and life insurance, accountancy and tax services, legal defence insurance and more.


Why Join the SPSC?

Enhance Your Career

By joining the SPSC, members have a fantastic and exclusive support package available to them including…

Training Partner

Whether it be refresher training or upskilling, our training partners at Odysseus Consultancy provide a range of training courses in Security, First Aid and Health and Safety and as a member of the SPSC, you will gain exclusive 10% discount for all courses.

Odysseus Consultancy understands how difficult it can get trying to arrange time for advanced learning, therefore they offer and can run flexible courses for evening, weekend or split dates to suit the students needs. All requests will be considered and catered for and discussed to meet all the requisite requirements for provision.

Advanced Training

If you’re looking for advanced training in the security industry, Alpha Zebra provide multiple surveillance and intelligence courses taught by former military operatives, including the following:

Covert Surveillance
Counter Surveillance
Anti-Human Trafficking Operations
Missing Persons
Tracing Enquiries
GPS Vehicle Tracking
TCSM Technical Counter Surveillance Measures

Income Protection

Getting protection whilst working in the security industry can be extremely difficult and if you do manage to get cover it will most likely be expensive and include a number of exclusions. For this reason, we have teamed up with our partners Precise Protect to offer our members a new bespoke, unique and industry specific insurance package.

Income protection (up to £600 per month).
Lump sum fracture pay-out (£1,000 pay-out).
Hospitalisation benefit (up to £75 per night).
Life insurance (up to £20,000).

Accountancy and Tax

As an SPSC member, you will gain an exclusive offer from Abacus Accounting in which you will receive a fully qualified accountant who will be available to you throughout the year. They will provide help and guidance to make your life as easy as possible so you can concentrate on your job, as well as provide you with the following:

Registering you with HMRC for self-assessment.
Advising and guiding you regarding the information you will need to keep (Abacus assure us they will keep this to a minimum for you).
Preparing your accounts and your self-assessment tax return.
Submitting the returns to HMRC.
Deal with all correspondence with HMRC on your behalf.

All of the exclusive features above are only available to SPSC members for just £200 (including VAT) per year, spread over 12 monthly instalments of £16.67.

Public Liability Insurance

Whether you’re protecting a VIP, a door supervisor at pubs and clubs or keeping the crowds under control at an event, Liability Insurance is an absolute must!

By being a member of the SPSC, you are able to take advantage of Public Liability Insurance at a very affordable price through Real Insurance. This sort of cover is there to protect you against actions for alleged negligence by causing loss, damage or injury to the public.

Public Liability Insurance.
Employers Liability Insurance.
Professional Indemnity.
Commercial Legal Expenses with free business helpline.
Business Property Insurance.

Legal Defence Insurance

In the past if you were falsely accused of a crime then the person who accused you would have to pay your legal costs. However, since October 2012 this age-old system was changed and now even if you win your case you effectively lose as you must pay your own legal costs, which depending on the severity of the accusation could run into thousands of pounds.

Individuals working in security are constantly placed in a highly charged situation which sometime escalates into verbal and physical confrontations. This can then lead to false accusations made against the security person. To retain their licence security personnel, have no choice other than to defend themselves in through the courts to prove their innocence.

For £10 per month, My Defence ensure that you have access to the support of their solicitors and their team of legal professionals who understand the work you do and your need for only the highest standard of support.

Pension Services

It is said that less than 25% of people are likely to have adequate pension arrangements. For that reason, the SPSC have teamed up with Smart Pension, who are a well established provider in the UK pension space, trusted by over 500,000 members and 90,000 employers. 

The main goal of both parties is to ensure that SPSC members have the opportunity to achieve better retirement outcomes.

Opportunity for you to make savings on everyday purchases

As well as supporting our members with support networks that will enhance their career, we’re also teaming up with a provider to save you money on your everyday purchases.


Here’s some of the retailers that are included in the scheme…

We’re also teaming up with other businesses to offer SPSC members exclusive discounts

Here’s some of the businesses and their discounts…

40% off all Oatein products...

Our very good friends at Oatein have agreed a whopping 40% discount on all products exclusively to active SPSC members.

20% off all engraving...

As an active member of the SPSC, you will gain a 20% on all engraving at Advanced Engravers.

Join the SPSC now from £2 per week and receive exclusive, bespoke and discounted benefits to enhance your career and protect your future...