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Security Professionals Support Co-operative

‘Providing Security for Security’

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Why Join the SPSC?

SPSC Members have a fantastic support package available to them including…

Funded Training

Funded training offering a potentially prosperous career in the industry from Level 2 up to Level 8 qualifications.

Employment Support

The industry currently has no structure for self-employed operatives and therefore very few actually know what rights they have. This is going to change with the support and advice of another active participating business within the SPSC.

Injury / Life Insurance

Bespoke injury/life insurance policies never before offered to security industry personnel at rates available to SPSC members only.

Legal Support

Legal support and representation at a discounted cost to members of the SPSC, with 24 hour contact available for an operative within the industry.

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About the SPSC

The SPSC (Security Professionals Support Co-operative) was founded by our Senior Director Rob Dixon.

With over 30 years experience in the security industry and over 10 of these running his own successful security firm, Rob has seen first hand the decline, lack of support and ever growing divide within the security industry.

This is when Rob decided to use all his knowledge, contacts and expertise to bring the security industry back to where it belongs creating a working relationship between both the police authority and security personnel and implementing an infrastructure to the security services like never seen before.

The SPSC is formed…

The SPSC is made up of 5 Directors bringing years of experience and expert advice to the security personnel and its members.

Our primary aim is to provide security and support for all our members and we will be upgrading the Level 1 and 2 qualification required to become a security operative which will be funded by one of our active participating businesses within the SPSC.

We are entering a new era and look forward to working with all our members over the coming years and allowing all of you to avail of the many benefits and opportunities under one of the fastest growing and most innovative security networks in the industry.

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