Security Professionals Support Co-operative

‘Providing Security for Security’

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Who are the SPSC?


The SPSC is a non-profit organisation that has been set up to improve, support and up-skill the current security industry. Our leadership team have worked in the security industry for over 30 years and have seen first hand the decline, lack of support and ever growing divide between security operatives, law enforcement and the general public.

We know that security operatives have an extremely hard job to protect ourselves and our families, not just on nights out and events, but throughout everyday life with the ever increasing concern of terror threats shown through all forms of media. This is the fundamental reason why the SPSC was formed as security affects us all.

As well as offering training courses to up-skill all our members, we also set out to help protect our members by offering optional unique, bespoke packages through our carefully selected support networks, including; income protection and life insurance, accountancy and tax services, legal defence insurance and more.

Why Join the SPSC?

SPSC members have the ability to enhance their careers in the security industry by undertaking upskilling and refresher training programs that are carried out by fully qualified interactive tutors. Our tutors run flexible courses for evening, weekend or split dates to suit each members needs.

Each of our tutors have vast experience working in the industry and are extremely passionate about improving the current standards. They also care about the way security operatives are treat by others and want to help improve the relationships between security personnel, authorities such as the police and the general public.

By joining the SPSC, members have a fantastic and exclusive support package available to them including…


Training offering a potentially prosperous career in the industry from Level 2 up to Level 8 qualifications.

Employment Support

The industry currently has no structure for self-employed operatives and therefore very few actually know what rights they have. This is going to change with the support and advice of another active participating business within the SPSC.

Injury / Life Insurance

Bespoke injury / life insurance policies never before offered to security industry personnel at rates available to SPSC members only.

Accountancy / Tax Services

Have a fully qualified Accountant manage your personal accounts and prepare / submit your self-assessment tax return. Your dedicated Accountant will also deal with all correspondence from the HMRC on your behalf.

Find out more information on the SPSC Support Networks and see how becoming a member can help you...